India’s 1'st Openly Gay Athlete Wants Same-sex Marriage Legalized

Dutee Chand. photo via Facebook

Dutee Chand, 23, is a professional sprinter and India’s first openly gay athlete. 

Days after coming out to her country, she said she’ll fight for the right to marry her partner, according to Reuters. India scrapped the ban on gay sex last year, but same-sex marriage is still illegal, and Reuters reports that homophobia is still a major problem. 

“They should know that everyone just wants to live happily,” Chand told Reuters. “People oppose many things in the name of culture and religion ... [but] India is a democratic country and many things change frequently … Any rule which deprives someone of happiness is wrong.”

Chand said she didn’t come out on her own accord, but because her sister threatened to out her and her partner. She said she would’ve waited, but she is relieved the secret is out.