Hong Kong Woman Sues Government to Enter Civil Partnership With Her Partner

A woman in Hong Kong known as Mk is suing the government for its ban on civil partnerships, which is a legally recognized bond similar to marriage between two people of the same sex.

She claims that the ban goes against the Bill of Rights and the city’s Basic Law. The case does not mention same-sex marriage, but will still have an impact on the LGBT community and overall legislation, a city lawmaker believes.

“It is a direct challenge to the whole system. The government has no way to escape from studying all levels of policies [on treating same-sex partners] in the process,” Raymond Chan Chi-cheun, Hong Kong’s only openly gay legislator, said.

But lawyer Michael Vidler, who has litigated most LGBT cases in Hong Kong, thinks that the government and society may need more time to gradually accept the community before law-related success is possible.

“If this challenge fails it would set a bad precedent that will take many, many years to overcome,” he said.

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