Anti-gay National Organization for Marriage has created a group to make their homophobia go global.

NOM President Brian Brown announced the creation of the International Organization for the Family, which will pressure anti-gay laws around the world.

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“I’ve spoken about marriage all over the world, and have been targeted by LGBT extremists groups for doing so,” Brown said. “But no amount of attacks from LGBT extremists like the HRC will deter me from proclaiming the truth of marriage whenever and wherever it is under attack.”

Brown claimed the new organization will “preserve and protect marriage to a whole new level” and allow NOM to “focus fully on the continuing fight here at home.”

He is set to be president of IOF. They claim they will fight for “marriage, religious liberty, parental rights, the truth of gender and other issues central to the pro-family movement.”

They also claimed their excitement in working with president-elect Donald Trump in the future.

NOM attempted and failed to stop same-sex marriage, accumulating millions of dollars in donations, according to Pink News.