Stuart Milk was in Paris last week to be present for a street renaming, designed to honor his uncle, our late American civil rights leader.

Miriam Richter, a director and counsel for the Harvey Milk stated that  "The Harvey MILK PLACE IN PARIS will be a permanent inspiration for LGBT rights activists and everyday heroes alike who are visible in their lives.”  

“We continue to keep pushing civil society towards justice, often while working in societies with rising ultra nationalistic movements, and Harvey's story and courage is our prime ingredient in providing hope and inspiration to all who cherish freedom and equality,” she added. 

The street renaming was for Harvey Milk Place and Stonewall Place, along with two French heroes.  During the ceremony,  Stuart Milk was presented with an exact replica of the new Paris street signs for his uncle.  

The 162 members of Paris City Council, crossing eight different political parties, voted unanimously to bestow the honor upon the late Harvey Milk.