(WM) The center-right government in Greece named the country’s first openly gay minister in a Cabinet reshuffle Jan. 4.

Nicholas Yatromanolakis, 44, was named as the new deputy minister of culture after being promoted from the position of general secretary at the ministry.

Yatromanolakis reflected on his appointment via social media Jan. 5. He “acknowledged that the struggles of some very brave people for decades have allowed people like me to be without fear of being ourselves even when we hold public office,” a translation reads. “It is a great honor but also a deep obligation towards generations to come, to grow up in an environment without prejudice, without stigma and without discrimination.”

The government retained its ministers of health and finance and most other key positions in the reshuffle.

Greece is reeling from the impact of the pandemic that caused a spike in deaths in the autumn and is expected to have caused a 10.5% contraction of its gross domestic product in 2020.

Despite the difficulties, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis left most key Cabinet positions unchanged, retaining Christos Staikouras as finance minister and Vasilis Kilikias as health minister.