Google Map Users Change Russian Censorship Office Listing to ‘Permanently Closed Gay Bar’

Google users trolled the state office of censorship in Russia this week after it blocked access to an instant messaging service.

The Roskomnadzor, a federal censorship office, banned the messaging app Telegram for the past five days, according to Gay Star News. The ban has included nearly 19 million IP addresses at its peak according to TechCrunch.

In response to the ban, Google users have lashed out by changing the profiles of state censorship offices. That has included giving negative reviews to their nationwide headquarters to calling the main headquarters of the Roskomnadzor a “permanently closed gay bar” from its status as a state institution.

Google had issues with some google searches and Gmail because of the IP ban, according to TechCrunch.  Amazon is also facing service disruptions because of that ban.

“We are aware of reports that some users in Russia are unable to access some Google products, and are investigating those reports,” a Google spokesperson said in an emailed response to TechCrunch.

Ilya Andreev, the COO and co-founder of Vee Security, said that he has been running a proxy to get around the ban for nearly two million users.

“Russia can’t keep blocking random things on the Internet,” he said. “Russia is working hard to make its image more alluring to foreigners in preparation for the World Cup. They can’t have tourists coming and realising Google doesn’t work in Russia."

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