The president of the German parliament announced they are planning to commemorate individuals who were persecuted and killed for their sexual or gender identity by Nazis.

The event will take place during the international Holocaust Remembrance Day, which takes place annually Jan. 27. 

Since 1996, Germany has officially marked Holocaust Remembrance Day with a solemn ceremony featuring a speech by a survivor and commemorations across the country, according to The Local

Sadly, there are no known LGBT survivors left to speak. 

According to the story Baerbel Bas, president of the Bundestag, the name of Germany’s parliament, the MPs would put those victims “at the center of the commemoration ceremony.” Bas said they would work closely with the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany on the event. 

Former German President Roman Herzog named homosexuals among the victims of the Nazis at the first commemoration in 1996. But as Henny Engels, a member of the LSVD board, noted in The Local, “these victims have yet to have their own memorial.” 

In other LGBT news from Germany, the parliament raised the Pride flag for the first time during Berlin’s Pride festivities this month. Also earlier in the month a mosque in Berlin became the first in Germany to fly a rainbow flag in advance of the Pride festivities to show their support of the LGBT community.