Gay Priests Fight to Get Australian Church’s Marriage Blessing 

Photo via robert Whalley, Facebook

Two gay Anglican priests wanted their marriage blessed by the Appellate Tribunal, the highest church, but they first have to decide whether to bless any gay marriage.

Father John Davis and Father John Whalley wed in a small ceremony in Melbourne, Australia, according to ABC News. However, Bishop John Parkes, who was meant to lead the ceremony, was asked by the high church not to bless it, yet.

"The convention is we respect the institution of the Church," Bishop Parkes said. "The Primate has asked and we will honour his requests. Although we won’t wait forever. My advice is that this is legitimate and lawful, and unless the Appellate Tribunal finds that it isn't, then what we have at the moment is a delay rather than a backtrack."

Same sex unions were legalized in Australia two years ago.