Sinon Loresca, a gay model known for sporting high heels and dresses in public, traveled to Brunei following new laws implementing the death penalty for gay sex.

The harsh Sharia laws were instituted early last month, and Brunei received worldwide backlash and boycotting. Loresca, however, said he felt safe as a gay man in Brunei, according to Gay Star News. He also said that the media exaggerated the laws. 

“I must say ‘BRUNIE’ is one of the safest country on earth. Lovely and friendly people. Some news so exaggerated - stoned to death is not real NOT AT ALL. BRUNIE is a beautiful country. Period,” Loresca wrote on Facebook.

But a gay refugee speculated whether someone in power invited Loresca, and guaranteed his safety, according to Gay Star News. Other Facebook users alleged that they Brunei government paid Loresca to mend their image, according to Q News.