Gay Marriage Ban In Romania Fails

A proposed change in the Romanian constitution that would bar same-sex couples from getting married failed. The voter turnout was lower than the 30 percent needed on Oct. 7.


The change would’ve redefined marriage as strictly between a man and a woman. Though Romania decriminalized homosexuality in 2001, they still do not allow same-sex marriage, but the amendment would’ve made it even harder to change that in the future.


Over 40 members of the European Parliament wrote to the Romanian Prime Minister, expressing their dismay that the vote was even happening.


“Allowing this referendum to take place adds validity to anti-LGBTI rhetoric and encourages hate speech and violence against LGBTI individuals,” they wrote, as reported by CNN.


The referendum was held over two-days instead of the usual one, which the parliament members were concerned was an attempt to make sure the 30 percent voter turnout threshold was met.

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