Gay Lawyer Running for Tunisian President

Photo via mounir Baatour, Facebook

Mounir Baatour, an openly gay lawyer, announced on June 25 that he would be running for Tunisian president.

Baatour is the first openly gay man running for president in the mostly Muslim North African country, according to The Jerusalem Post. Tunisian authorities are looking to use Sharia law to shut out the LGBT community, and the country can punish sodomy with up to three years in prison.

“We are proud of the absolute equality of all Tunisians no matter what their religion, color, gender, language [or] sexual identity. Tunisia needs a democratic agenda that can include the different identities, cultures, beliefs and languages ​​of this country,” Baatour wrote on Facebook, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Baatour was the president of Association Shams, which has been working to repeal the penal code that criminalizes homosexuality, according to The Guardian.