(EDGE) The number of hateful harassment incidents since Donald Trump was elected the 45th president earlier this month has been on the rise in the U.S., according to the Souther Poverty Law Center. EDGE has reported on several anti-LGBT attacks in the wake of Trump's presidential victory and it appears as though the former reality star's stunning win is even emboldening his supporters from across the globe.

A gay couple told Australia's Star Observer a Trump supporter attacked them outside a McDonald's in Sydney last week.

The men, who used the pseudonyms Sam and Andrew, were grabbing breakfast at the fast food chain on Nov. 21 when a young man was allegedly drunk and ranting about President-elect Trump.

"He was saying things like how white men rule now that Trump has won," Sam told the newspaper. "I was horrified. Andrew was lovely and very protective of me-he tried to encourage me to stay away from him."

Sam said he turned around and told the man: "I'm gay-do you have a problem with that?"

His words apparently didn't sit well with the man, who reportedly started to shout, "Trump's won, straight white men rule" as his friends tried to restrain him and drag him out of the McDonald's.

After getting their food, the couple left the restaurant but the man was allegedly waiting for them outside.

"I couldn't believe it, he'd been waiting outside to pounce on me," Sam told the Star Observer. "He hit me on the head, and because I'm a pretty big guy, I went down hard - immediately there was blood everywhere. He kept mouthing off, but when he hit my head things went a bit blurry from that point."

Andrew was requesting a ride while his partner was reportedly attacked.

"I looked up and he was bleeding all over his face," he said, adding that when he was checking on Sam that's when the man punched him in the face.

"I didn't fall over, but... he struck me again with a piece of glass, I think. It cut my skin and I was bleeding," he told the newspaper.

Andrew fought back but the man's friends dragged him away. Police were eventually involved and said the attack was caught on CCTV.

"Don't just assume it's 2016 and everything's okay, because clearly what's happening in the world is affecting people's judgement and mentality," Sam said, adding the LGBT community must "check in with each other and make sure we talk more about these things."