Gay Congressman Who Fled Brazil to be Replaced by Another Gay Politician

David Miranda. Credit: Mídia NinJa

Jean Wyllys, former Brazilian congressman, fled his country after receiving death threats for being gay. According to CBC, another gay city councillor will take his place.

 David Miranda, an openly gay Rio de Janeiro politician, said even though he is afraid, he still wants to take the position to represent his community.

“Obviously, I’m afraid for my life or what can happen to my family, but in moments like this you have to be brave, even with the fear that becomes courage. People need a voice in Brazil and I know that I can do the job,” Miranda told CBC in an interview.

When he takes office, he says he wants to have a dialogue with people in the House about LGBT rights. This comes after the election of homophobic President Jair Bolsonaro, and the discrimination against the community that followed, including killings and anti-gay legislation.