They won’t let acts of intolerance stop them.

On Sunday, an unidentified person threw a canister of tear gas into the gay night at a Croatian club. One day later, hundreds gathered in pro-LGBT protest.

The attack took place at the Super Super club, causing two injuries among the 300 patrons. The two were injured while trying to leave the club.

“Of course, Saturday’s attack has come to us as a reminder we should improve our security measures, as standard club procedures which are used in Croatia are clearly not enough once you become someone’s target,” Super Super told Gay Star News. “And we are already working on that part. Our friends’ wellbeing (sic) in Super Super premises is our top priority now.”

Police in this Eastern European country are currently investigating the incident, and have not revealed whether there are any suspects.

Shortly after on the following Monday, Zagreb Pride held a demonstration in Trg Zrtava Fasizma Square to promote acceptance of the LGBT community. GSN reports that there were a thousand people in attendance.

Protesters held up flags and signs spreading the message of love and the rejection of intolerance.

“We are unstoppable,” read one banner held up in protest.

Croatia has LGBT protections included in their anti-discrimination laws, preventing people from discriminating based on gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. It is also legal for citizens to change their gender.

Same-sex couples can register as life partners, however the 2013 referendum of the Constitution explicitly bans same-sex marriage. People may only adopt children as individuals, not as a same-sex couple.