Gay Brazilian man in a vegetative state after assault

Jefferson anderson Feijo da Cruz. photo via Facebook

Jefferson Anderson Feijo da Cruz, a gay Brazilian man, 22, was robbed and “brutally” assaulted after a night out in Moreno, Brazil.

He was left under a slab, unconscious, and bloodied, according to a fundraising Facebook post from Cruz’s family. The post said the reason for the assault was homophobia. Cruz was left in a vegetative state, but he has started responding to stimuli, according to another post from the account. 

“Jeff is 22 years old, he's ... a young man full of dreams and plans, passionate about life, friends and family, [an] Exceptional friend, drooling uncle, dear cousin and beloved son, who had his dreams and plans interrupted by a monster,” the post reads.

Cruz’s family met their initial crowdfunding goal, and opened anew fundraiserfor his continuing care.