Gay Arabic Magazine Features Trans Man on Cover

Jordan-based LGBT magazine “My.Kali” has featured a topless trans man on its cover for the first time.

My.Kali, which has been published in Arabic since 2016, has been highly criticized by the country, but since it’s online it can’t be censored or banned and the group behind it can’t be prosecuted. “My.Kali” founder and publisher Khalid Abdel-Hadi said the cover and its corresponding story was meant to bring accurate representation in a region whose local media skews the LGBT community.

“Sensationalist stories that dehumanize us as a community lie at one end of the spectrum, and the lack of acknowledgement or of objective/neutral stories lie at the other. A second and related issue is the lack of personal stories of lived experience,” he said.

Gay sex is legal in Jordan, but a 2013 Pew Research study found that 97 percent of those polled said “homosexuality should not be tolerated,” Gay Star News reported.

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