This week read about the president of Uganda winning re-election despite making homophobic comments, and a Toronto school restoring an LGBT Support Line on their website after receiving backlash for taking it down.

Ugandan President Who Made Homophobic Comments Wins Re-election

President Yoweri Museveni has won re-election in Uganda, maintaining his 35-year rule, the New York Times reported.

As recently as last week, Museveni has made comments against the LGBT community, referring to members of the community as “deviants,” CNN reported.

“No, the prevalent opinion among our population now is that homosexuals are a departure from normal,” Museveni told CNN.

Bobi Wine, one of the candidates who ran against Museveni, said the results were not legitimate, The NYT reported. Museveni’s security forces surrounded Wine’s house a day after the general election.

Museveni will serve the next five years in office, marking his sixth term in the position, the NYT reported.

Gay sex is punishable by life imprisonment in Uganda, and it is not uncommon to see an increase in LGBT harassment after Ugandan politicians share homophobic sentiments, Reuters reported.


LGBT Support Line Reinstated on Toronto School Website


The LGBT YouthLine provides support to individuals under the age of 29 in Ontario. Photo via PxHere.

The Toronto’s Catholic District School Board restored a link to an LGBT support phone line after negative reactions from community members and the support organization, the CBC News reported.

The school removed the link over alleged inappropriate content, citing an article published in Corriere Canadese, a Canadian newspaper, titled “TCDSB website hosts Pornographic site defended by trustees,” according to a public statement by LGBT Youthline.

“Their website had 3rd party resources not appropriate for school-aged children,” the TCDSB said in a tweet on Jan. 11.

The LGBT YouthLine is a youth-led organization that provides support, training and resources to individuals 29 and under in Ontario, according to the LGBT Youthline website.

“There is a long history accusing 2SLGBTQ+ people of pedophilia and of ‘corrupting’ children and youth and the article explicitly uses these arguments against us,” according to the statement. “This rhetoric is harmful, unacceptable, and is overt homophobia and transphobia.”