Tokyo began issuing same-sex partnership certificates, and a Kerry priest in Ireland claims to have received a standing ovation for an anti-LGBT sermon.

Tokyo Issues Same-Sex Partnership Certificates

Tokyo has started to roll out a partnership certificate program for same-sex couples, allowing them to be considered as married couples for certain public services for the first time but falling short of marriage equality.

Some believe this is a step toward Japan as a whole accepting equality.

According to BBC News, it is now the only developed country in the G7 group that does not recognize same-sex unions.

The partnership certificates, which have already been established in eight other Japanese prefectures, would allow same-sex couples to be regarded the same as married couples in terms of housing, medication, and welfare. However, they will not assist with situations such as adoption, inheritance, or spousal visas.






Kerry Priest Claims He Received Standing Ovation For Anti-LGBT Sermon


Screenshot via Shane McAuliffe/Twitter.

The priest at the center of a weekend incident involving a contentious anti-LGBT sermon has stood by his remarks, saying he earned a standing ovation at the end of the Mass. 

Father Seán Sheehy informed the audience at St. Mary's Church in Listowel that sin was "rampant" in Ireland, and that permitting two men or two women to have a sexual connection was evidence of this, as was a "lunatic approach to transgenderism.”

According to The Irish Mirror, his remarks infuriated the community, including a sizable percentage of the Mass attendance. 

The daughter of Eamon “Bomber” O'Connor, for whom the Mass was being said, was among those who walked out.

Despite Bishop Ray Browne's apology for Father Sheehy's statements, the Listowel priest has now escalated his conduct.

He added that after the service, those who remained in the church applauded him for his statements.