Tijuana Gay Men's Chorus empowers the LGBT community by creating a safe space for them, and Ghana banned a festival for having links to homosexuality.

Tijuana Gay Men's Chorus Empowers LGBT Community

The Tijuana Gay Men's Chorus' chords and notes erupted into the quiet night from the basement of the red-brick Casa de la Cultura.

Following a recent wave of arson and cartel threats that drove inhabitants into hiding on a recent weekend night, the massive border city was quieter than usual at this hour. However, not on this street, where the vocal group's vocal technique session featured harmonies from the group's 11 members.

According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, the group strives to create a secure environment for the artistic growth of Tijuana's gay and trans community. It is one of only two active gay men's choruses in the entire country of Mexico.

“This type of project in this city was more than necessary,” said Edgar Gheno, the director of the chorus. “Because we know that — or rather in my personal experience — not being who you are and not being able to express yourself generates problems …”


Uganda Bans Festival Linked To Homosexuality


 SFGN file photo.

The popular music festival was outlawed by Uganda's parliament, the second time that authorities have acted against the yearly event due to claims that it encourages sex, drugs, and homosexuality.

According to France 24, around 10,000 people are entertained throughout the course of the four-day Nyege Nyege festival, which takes place in September in Jinja, a town in southern Egypt on the banks of the Nile.

But after a pandemic-induced suspension since 2020, parliament announced on Twitter that it had "stopped the 'Nyege Nyege' festival, an annual social event scheduled to take place next week." This was announced nine days before the event was supposed to restart.

Uganda's ethics and integrity minister Rose Lilly Akello told reporters that the festival "promotes a lot of immorality and this immorality is something which is not wanted in our country."