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The war between Russia and Ukraine strengthens LGBT rights, and the Church of Englad supports a proposal to bless same-sex couples.

War With Russia Strengthens LGBT Rights In Ukraine

A Russian soldier grabbed a Ukrainian soldier's hair and kicked him in the back, screaming, "There will be no 'pink' in our country.”

When they broke into a lesbian couple's hiding place in Kherson, two Russian occupants referred to them as "pinks," the same derogatory term.

Many accusations of transgender and homophobic assaults by Russian troops in controlled territory have surfaced over the past year.

Even though Ukraine has improved recently to be more accepting of the LGBT community, many western European nations still lag behind it.

Same-sex relationships are still not officially recognized, and before the war, prejudice and discrimination were pervasive across society.

But, according to ABC New, campaigners claim that because of the struggle, the community's injustices are now more exposed than ever.





Church Of England Backs Proposal To Bless Same-Sex Couples


 SFGN file photo.

Proposals to allow prayers of blessing for same-sex couples have the support of the Church of England.

It will maintain its stance against same-sex marriage and continue to forbid same-sex unions in churches.

Both those who believe the measures go too far and others who believe they don't go far enough to have criticized them.

But all three of the "houses" of the synod approved the motion, giving priests the option to bless gay couples, or opt out.

"I'm really pleased that we now will bless same-sex couples who are faithfully living in a civil marriage or a civil partnership, in church," said Stephen Cottrell, according to BBC News.