This week read about the United Kingdom adding a gender identity question in its census, and a Canadian school board canceling an annual Pride celebration.

UK to Add Gender Identity Question in Census

A gender question will be added to the U.K.'s census in March.

The 2021 survey will ask those over 16 "Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex registered at birth?” the BBC reported.

Bangor’s non-binary Mayor-elect Owen Hurcum told the BBC the measure was a positive change, but the U.K. government could do more.

Also needed are non-binary gender options on U.K. passports, better access to gender identity clinics and a rewording of the 2010 Equalities Act to clearly include and protect non-binary identities, Hurcum told the BBC.

Respondents under 16 should be able to answer the question as well, Hurcum told the BBC.

This decision is partly due to parents and guardians possibly answering the question instead of those below 16, a spokesperson for the Office for National Statistics told the BBC. The ONS said accurate gender identity data from those over 16 is important.

The data is needed in order to assess and address the disadvantages LGBT people may face in the U.K., the ONS told the BBC.

Pride Proposal Rejected by Canadian School Board


Photo via Red Deer Public Schools, Facebook

A Canadian school board rejected plans for an annual Pride celebration last week, the CBC reported.

Students at Red Deer public schools would have marked Pride week each June. Instead, school officials backed plans for a “Diversity Week.”

School board chair Nicole Buchanan said she wanted to see a proposal from the students themselves instead of the board, the CBC reported. Buchanan rejected the plans along with three others.

The school has an inclusion policy where a student’s request for a Pride celebration would be automatically approved by the school principal without the need for a board vote.

Many in the community are angry at the results of the vote, vice-chair of the Red Deer Queer Community Association Alex Pugatschew told the CBC. Pugatschew told the BBC Pride is important to empower LGBT people.