Puerto Vallarta will organize the first LGBT police unit in Mexico, and a Pride parade in Italy featured a topless virgin Mary.

Puerto Vallarta To Have First LGBT Police Unit In Mexico

Puerto Vallarta has announced that they will have the first LGBT Police unit in Mexico.

"In Puerto Vallarta, there will be a trained, equipped police force with several specialized branches inside the corporation that come to assist the many security concerns and for the welfare of the inhabitants," the commander promised in his first meeting with local security commanders, according to The Yucatan Times.

Likewise, he indicated that new patrols will be sent in the near future to enhance the municipality's presence in the neighborhoods, after the work that Captain Viveros undertook at the time is completed.

In addition, Mayor Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez’s administration, in collaboration with the commissioner, will seek to ensure that Puerto Vallarta is ranked first in the INEGI study for security perception.



Gay Pride Parade In Italy Featured Topless Virgin Mary


 Photo via Facebook.

The inclusion of a bare-breasted mannequin dressed as the Virgin Mary in the Gay Pride parade in Cremona, Italy, sparked a global controversy on social media and elsewhere.

According to Breitbart, marchers displayed the mannequin, which was adorned with BDSM studded black leather and capped with a blue Marian veil complete with halo, in a move that many Christians have condemned as "blasphemous."

"A blasphemous and ignoble attack, clearly aimed at the faith of all Christians," Matteo Fraioli, Italian Campaign Director at CitizenGOit, expressed his displeasure with the local mayor's usage of public funds to support the show.

Mayor Gianluca Galimberti, who attended the parade, defended the action stating “some may not share certain ideas that may emerge from this demonstration.”