This week read about Thailand rejecting a same-sex marriage bill, and human rights groups urging voters to defeat Hungary's minister's referendum because it will cause more prejudice against LGBT people.

Thai Cabinet Rejects Same-Sex Marriage Bill

When the cabinet rejected the Move Forward Party's proposed Marriage Equality Bill, which attempted to legalize same-sex marriage in Thailand, the LGBT community in Thailand suffered a major loss.

This does not guarantee, however, that the plan will be fully rejected; it may still be introduced in Parliament for a first reading.

Following the weekly cabinet meeting, Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek informed Thai PBS World that the draft Marriage Equality Bill is comparable to the government's proposed Civil Partnership Bill, which has previously been approved by the cabinet.

Despite the fact that both models aim to expand certain privileges now enjoyed by heterosexual married couples, the civil partnership version has been criticized for not going far enough, such as not explicitly recognizing LGBT unions as marriage. Adoptions and the freedom to make emergency choices, as well as married couples' social security benefits, are among the rights not included in the government's proposal.


Hungary Rights Groups Urge Voters To Defeat Orban's LGBT Referendum


 Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Photo via Wikipedia.

Human rights organizations in Hungary are pushing voters to cast blank ballots in a government referendum on LGBT issues that is being held concurrently with a national election, claiming that its passage will deepen prejudice against the LGBT community.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a nationalist up for re-election for a fourth time, has suggested a referendum on ruling party legislation restricting the teaching of homosexuality and trans topics in schools.

According to Reuters, Orban, who has pushed to promote social policies that he claims protect Christian values from Western liberalism, has prioritized gender issues and what he considers LGBT indoctrination in schools.

The referendum remains a fundamental element of Orban's policies geared at mobilizing his Fidesz party voters, despite Russia's invasion of neighboring Ukraine taking center stage in the run-up to the election.


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