This week read about Willis Austin Chimano coming out as gay, and a Brazilian movie tracking the history of LGBT suffering.

Star Of Kenya’s Top Bands Comes Out As Gay

Willis Austin Chimano, a member of the top Kenyan band Sauti Sol, has come out as homosexual, telling local media that he no longer wants to live a lie.

Sauti Sol, the winner of the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2016, is one of Africa's most popular male bands.

According to BBC News, Chimano's coming out as gay has been hailed as a victory for the LGBT community.

In Kenya, gay intercourse is criminal by up to 14 years in jail; in 2019, a challenge to the legislation was dismissed.

Prosecutors seldom use this rule, and attitudes toward LGBT individuals are more permissive than in neighboring countries like Uganda and Tanzania.

Despite the fact that there have been few instances of homophobic violence in Kenya, many LGBT people live in secret societies and are sometimes rejected by their relatives in this very devout country.


Brazilian Film Tracks LGBT Suffering

"The First Fallen." Credit: Rodrigo de Oliveira.

During the 52nd International Film Festival of India, people were able to see the Asia premiere of “The First Fallen,” by Brazilian filmmaker Rodrigo de Oliveira.

This film traces the history of the “first heroes” of the LGBT community and their fight against an unknown virus in the 1980s.

“If we ourselves do not document the history of our suffering, no one else will,” said Oliveira while speaking at the festival according to Times of India.

Oliveira spoke of the apathy of the system for those who perished due to the infections in the early 1980s.

“People were dying since 1983 because of a virus which had no name, but they started counting the deaths only from 1985,” said Oliveira. “I remember vividly, when I went to the club in my young age, there weren’t any people above 30 years as they all had died.”