Russia is proposing increasing fines for spreading "LGBT propaganda," and thousands marched in EuroPride after a last-minute announcement.

Russia May Double Fines For ‘LGBT Propaganda’

Russia is proposing tripling fines for exposing youngsters to what it considers "LGBT propaganda" and making any event or act that is perceived as supporting homosexuality an administrative infraction.

The 2013 "gay propaganda" law in Russia prohibits anybody from endorsing homosexual relationships among youngsters, but MPs argued in July that the measure ought to be expanded to cover adults as well.

According to Reuters, the new law would raise the fine for organizations that encourage "non-traditional sexual interactions" with youngsters to 2 million roubles ($33,000), with the maximum fine rising to 5 million roubles if the offense occurred online or in the media.

People who disseminate "LGBT propaganda" could be punished up to 400,000 roubles, and foreigners who did so would be expelled from Russia.





Thousands March In EuroPride After Last Minute Announcement


 Photo via BelgradePride - EuroPride 2022, Facebook.

Following a last-minute statement by the country's PM that the march might proceed despite an earlier prohibition, thousands of individuals participated in Serbia EuroPride.

In the Serbian city of Belgrade, where the march took place, Brnabi promised that the pan-European LGBT event will be safeguarded by police.

Threats from far-right and anti-LGBT organizations and a previous ban by the Serbian Interior Minister, who forbade the march stated "security concerns," heightened tensions in the lead-up to Serbia EuroPride.

According to Euronews, despite multiple attempts to cause problems by anti-Pride activists, the march went off without any serious disturbances.