This week read about two Pride festivals taking place this year in England, and a group of celebrities calling out for Ghana's president to reach out to LGBT community leaders.

Two Pride Celebrations in England Move Forward

Two major Pride festivals in England are planning celebrations for 2021, the Guardian reported.

Manchester plans to hold its Pride events in person, provided the U.K. government continues to make progress with COVID-19 vaccinations. It plans to host a parade, party and concert.

Pride in London is exploring in-person events in addition to other options. The organization told the Guardian it would announce final plans “in due course.”

Manchester Pride’s concert portion will be reduced to half capacity compared to previous years to ensure health and safety, the Guardian reported.

Manchester has planned a virtual festival and some socially distanced events in August as a backup, Mark Fletcher, the Manchester Pride chief executive, told the Guardian.




Celebrities Advocate for LGBT Rights in Ghana


Idris Elba. Photo credit: Harald Krichel.

A group of over 65, made up of celebrities, designers and politicians, have called for Ghana’s president and “political/cultural leaders” to “reach out and engage in a meaningful and purposeful dialogue” with LGBT community leaders, according to a statement from March 1.

Actor Idris Elba and model Naomi Campbell are among the signatories, according to the statement.

The statement comes after Church groups, politicians and anti-gay rights organizations forced the country’s first LGBT community center to temporarily close last week, Reuters reported.

LGBT+ Rights Ghana, a local charity, runs the center. Those who called upon Ghana’s government to close the center also called for those involved to be arrested and prosecuted.

The offices of Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo and Ghana’s government did not immediately respond to requests for comment.