This week read about Poland pushing to ban "gay propaganda," and an ad featuring a drag queen pulled in South Korea.

Poland Pushing For Ban On ‘Gay Propaganda’

Poland's lower house of parliament passed legislation allowing schools to prohibit LGBT education and extracurricular activities. After a 227-214 vote, it now goes to the Senate, where a final decision is likely to be made.

According to Xtra, if approved, the bill would allow superintendents and school officials the authority to prohibit LGBT-affirming teachings, clubs, and reading materials. Its censorship implications are similar to Russia's "gay propaganda" laws, which restrict images of homosexuality in children's media on the grounds that they violate "family values."

Poland's measure, called "Czarnek's Law" after the country's education minister, Przemysław Czarnek, was developed as an addendum to the proposed Educational Law by the Ministry of Education and Science. This law aims to increase school superintendents' roles and reform legislation governing the activities of non-profit organizations in schools.




Samsung Ad Featuring Drag Queen Pulled


Screenshot via YouTube.

After receiving outcry from socially conservative quarters, South Korean electronics giant Samsung has withdrawn an internet advertisement in Singapore that portrayed a hijab-wearing Muslim mom hugging her drag queen son.

According to the South China Morning Post, LGBT rights are still a touchy subject in the rich city-state, where the country's High Court only two years ago upheld a seldom cited colonial-era legislation prohibiting sex between males.

The ad, which was part of a campaign called “Listen to Your Heart” promoting wearable gear like noise-canceling earbuds and smartwatches, showed the loving bond between the mother and her cross-dressing son.

However, it provoked a storm of criticism online, with one organization calling it “an unfortunate attempt to push the LGBT ideology into a largely conservative Muslim community.”


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