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Poland clears an IKEA manager who fired an employee for making anti-LGBT comments, and a trans Irish teen fights to stay in Canada.

Poland Clears IKEA Manager Who Fired Employee For Anti-LGBT Comments

An IKEA manager who fired a worker for making anti-LGBT comments on a company forum was found not guilty of religious discrimination by a Polish court.

The manager, Katarzyna N, was hauled to court by prosecutors and Ordo Iuris, an extremely conservative Catholic legal organization and research tank known for its anti-LGBT and anti-abortion campaigning. The decision affirmed the conclusions of a lower tribunal in February.

According to Channel News Asia, liberals and religious conservatives in Poland are at odds over LGBT rights. LGBT "ideology," according to the ruling Law and Justice party, is an intrusive foreign influence that threatens the country's steadfast Catholic traditions.

The regional court in Krakow stated in its ruling that it had not discovered any proof of religious discrimination or any covert reasons for the dismissal.




Trans Irish Teen Fights To Stay In Canada


Photo by abdallahh from Montréal, Canada via Wikipedia Commons.

An Irish family of five claims they are struggling to get out of a complicated immigration limbo while desperately trying to prevent Canada from deporting their transgender teen.

According to CBC, the County Kildare-based Tyrrell Haslam family has been residing in a Vernon, British Columbia, hotel room for 15 months thanks to Turning Point, a charity that helps the homeless. The family has been forced to live off of charity and is no longer allowed to work or go to school.

Their journey to become Canadian citizens started in 2013, highlighting the difficulty of the country's immigration laws — especially at a time when the pandemic was limiting access to legal representation and other government services.

The family claims their application for permanent residency was first refused in 2013 due to an employer writing the incorrect labor code on paperwork. As a result, they were forced to return to Ireland in 2015.