An initiative to support LGBT people and schools will be heard in Mexico, and Ghana might introduce one of the world's harshest anti-LGBT bills.

Free Expression Initiative to be Heard By Congress In Mexico

Congress and Cancun will play host to Mexico's first LGBT parliament. Miguel Angel Dzib Miss will present an initiative in support of academic freedom in primary and secondary schools.

“I saw the publication of the LGBT Right association that was working together with the Chamber of Deputies and federal deputy Salma Luévano who invited the entire LGBT population to participate in the first national parliament of the LGBTQ+ community,” the activist told California 18.

He emphasized that among the prerequisites were things like a profile, and work as a human rights activist, among others, and that a change in the legislation would be asked or that a proposal to change an item in favor of the LGBT community would be proposed.





Ghana May Introduce One Of The World’s Harshest Anti-LGBT Bills


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Following a surge of demonstrations, a community center for LGBT individuals in Ghana was shut down in February 2021, just weeks after it had opened. According to Emmanuel Akinwotu, a reporter for west Africa, the event opened a new, troubling chapter for LGBT rights in the nation, as Michael Safi hears him describe.

Although homosexuality was previously prohibited in Ghana, the government was less severely enforcing the law than its neighbors, making it a reasonably safe place for LGBT persons. However, since the center's closing, there has been an increase in homophobic harassment, and a formalized religious movement is attempting to severely restrict LGBT rights.

According to The Guardian, a severe anti-LGBT measure is now being debated in Ghana's parliament. It suggests even severe penalties for anyone who "promotes" or supports homosexual rights in addition to the five-year terms for LGBT people.