This week read about Mariners receiving medals for promoting LGBT rights in Europe, and gay games in Hong Kong facing violence.

LGBT Rights Mariners Receive Merchant Navy Medal

The Merchant Navy Medal was presented to Second Officer Paul Owen and 15 other seamen for their distinguished service and commitment to the maritime industry.

According to Euro Weekly, Owen is the first person to receive the coveted Merchant Navy Medal for his efforts to promote LGBT rights in the maritime industry.

Owen, from Blackpool, is one of 15 sailors who have been recognized for their exceptional service and commitment to the industry, which includes services for seafarer welfare during the COVID-19 epidemic, safety and security requirements, and training.

“I am deeply humbled and surprised to receive this honor. I have played a small part in the Diversity in Maritime initiative whilst seconded to Maritime UK but it has broadened my knowledge of the diversity issues faced in the maritime sector through involvement in the four aspects of the program, ethnicity, pride, women, and mental health,” said Owen.



Gay Games Face Violence In Hong Kong


 Photo via PxHere.

It was a tribute to the city's position as a cosmopolitan town and a relative bright spot in the area for progressive causes when Hong Kong was named as the host of the 11th Gay Games next year, the first time the event would be hosted in Asia.

Now, attacks on the Gay Games by pro-Beijing local politicians are exposing prejudice in the financial center, where room for promoting concepts like equality and diversity has diminished as China tightens its grip.

According to The Washington Post, the Hong Kong activists who would normally fight back against such attacks are either imprisoned or exiled as a result of a crackdown allowed by a national security bill passed last year.

The administration of Hong Kong, which reports to Beijing, has stated that it does not condone the attacks. Carrie Lam, the city's chief executive, said Junius Ho's and others' statements "would unnecessarily divide society" and promised that her office will continue to rent facilities to the organizers.