This week read about the arrests of the LGBT community in Senegal, and the first LGBT shelter to receive funding in Poland.

LGBT Persecution, Arrests Continue in Senegal

In Senegal, a young man was arrested for his suspected sexual orientation, the African Human Rights Media Network reported. Though persecution in the West African country is unfortunately common, the young man represents the 37th arrest since just September.

The arrest occurred on Dec. 28, the AHRMN reported.

A spokesperson for the Free Collective, an LGBT rights advocate, said the man’s arrest was based solely on his gender identity, the AHRMN reported.

The young man was arrested in Touba, a holy city patrolled by Islamist religious militias and steeped in homophobia, the AHRMN reported.

The Safinatoul Amane — a religious police force in Touba — are seeking out friends of the arrested young man as well, the AHRMN reported.

ADHEOS, a French LGBT rights group, demanded a travel ban against Serigne Cheikh lo Gabou, the head of the religious police force, in an open letter sent to the French minister of the interior on Sept. 30, AHRMN reported.



Poland LGBT Shelter Receives Funding from City Authorities


A gathering outside Fundacja Głos Serca. Photo via Facebook.

A hostel in Krakow, Poland is the first LGBT shelter to receive support in a nation notoriously combative against the queer community, the Associated Press reported.

One hundred eighty-four thousand zlotys — the equivalent of $50,000 — came from Krakow authorities to support Fundacja Głos Serca (The Voice of the Heart Foundation), the AP reported. 

The hostel was established to shelter people experiencing homelessness from discrimination, according to the Głos Serca website.

Twelve people can be accommodated in the shelter at a time, according to the website. Rooms contain beds, furniture, a kitchen and bathrooms.

The Głos Serca Foundation started in Krakow in 2014, and has other projects such as a community garden, cooperation embassy and the Krakow Music Box, according to the website. 

A shelter in Warsaw will also be offered city money, the AP reported. Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski signed a pro-LGBT declaration in 2019.