LGBT groups in Spain fear the monkeypox stigma, and three men have been arrested after a homophobic attack in Senegal.

LGBT Groups In Spain Fear Monkeypox Stigma

With one of Europe's largest gay Pride celebrations just around the bend, Spain's LGBT community is concerned that the continent's monkeypox outbreaks may fuel homophobic sentiment based on ignorance about the disease.

According to Spanish health officials, the country currently has 98 confirmed cases, the highest number in Europe. The tally includes one lady, according to the Madrid area. Nearly 200 cases of monkeypox have been recorded by the World Health Organization in more than 20 nations not often associated with outbreaks of a rare illness.

According to AP News, health officials are focusing their investigations on similarities between an 80,000-person Gay Pride festival in the Canary Islands earlier this month and instances related to a Madrid sauna.

However, some people, notably homosexual and bisexual men, feel the public's reaction to the uncommon outbreak outside of Africa, where it has long been endemic, is tinged with homophobic panic.



Arrests Made In Senegal After Homophobic Attack On Foreigner


 Screenshot from attack video, via Le Journal Afrique TV5MONDE, Twitter.

Three men have been detained in Senegal for allegedly participating in a mob attack on a young foreigner accused of homosexuality.

The incident took place on May 17 in Dakar's so-called HLM area.

According to Africa News, a furious swarm of guys surrounds a young man in broad daylight, barefoot and wearing only trousers, and slaps him on the back and head with homophobic obscenities, according to videos shared on YouTube and TikTok.

The victim is an American musician who "because of his style and clothing" has been "wrongly accused of being a homosexual by ill-intentioned individuals."

According to Africa News, he traveled to Dakar with a buddy and coworkers to attend the Biennale, and others around him were robbed of their cellphones and personal items.