This week read about Guatemalan lawmakers withdrawing a bill that would have banned same-sex marriages, and LGBT Russians living in fear of Vladimir Putin, but cannot escape.

Guatemalan Lawmakers Withdraw Bill Banning Same-sex Marriage

A terrifying measure that would have prohibited same-sex marriage and quadrupled prison sentence for abortions was withdrawn by Guatemalan lawmakers in a remarkable turnaround.

According to Pink News, on International Women's Day, the so-called "Life and Family Protection Law" was enacted by a landslide majority in the Republic's Congress.

On International Women's Day last week, the so-called "Life and Family Protection Law" was enacted by a landslide majority in the Republic's Congress.

The U-turn comes after Guatemala's president, Alejandro Giammatte, promised to veto the bill despite the fact that it was pushed through the legislature by his own conservative friends.

Women’s rights and LGBT activists were outraged by the bill’s passage since they had been urging lawmakers to reject the bill since its original proposal in 2018.

LGBT Russians Live In Fear Of Putin, But Escape Is Difficult


 Photo via Pixabay.

Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine is part of a plan to revert Russia to the Soviet period, which is terrifying to LGBT Russians.

Maria, a Russian LGBT activist whose name has been altered to protect her identity, claims LGBT people have been fleeing her country since Putin initiated his invasion of Ukraine, which many believe is all part of a frightening plan to restore Russia's supremacy.

She claims that this vision excludes LGBT persons.

According to Pink News, Russia has been participating in the so-called homosexual purges in Chechnya, in which scores have been abducted, tortured, and killed.

Activists like Maria, on the other hand, have stayed put, working tirelessly to transform society and ensure a brighter future for LGBT Russians.

“She inspired and motivated not only our team but all volunteers around. People followed her into her struggle for freedom and equality. And when she smiled, everyone smiled back,” Ukraine Pride said.


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