A journalist was harassed by Qatar police over a mistaken LGBT flag, and Senegal is becoming more dangerous for LGBT people.

Brazilian Journalist Harassed By Qatar Police Over Mistaken LGBT Flag

Police in Qatar harassed a Brazilian journalist covering the World Cup for carrying a regional flag with a three-color rainbow because they thought it was an LGBT flag, according to New York Daily News.

According to Victor Pereira, a reporter covering the event for numerous publications in the northeast state of Pernambuco, Qatari cops pursued him and a group of fellow Brazilians outside the Lusail Iconic stadium after Saudi Arabia's surprise 2-1 triumph against Lionel Messi's Argentina.

A visibly shaken Pereira said in a short Twitter video that authorities mistook his state's flag — which features a yellow star and sun, a red cross, and a red, yellow, and green rainbow — for the classic version of the LGBT Pride flag known around the world as a six-color rainbow, designed by the late American artist and activist Gilbert Baker.





Senegal Becomes More Dangerous for LGBT People


 SFGN file photo.

When Abdou's mother learns about a homophobic attack on the streets of Dakar, Senegal's capital, she locks him in his room.

Abdou, like the other LGBT people The Citizen met, prefers not to be identified by his true name. He has spent much of his life hiding his sexuality.

But the 20-year-old has recently felt much more threatened.

“The situation is becoming more and more serious,” said the unemployed tailor.

“Before they would say you were gay, but they didn’t hit you. Today you are beaten and it’s posted on social media.”

In Senegal, a deeply conservative country, homosexuality has never been widely accepted. However, tensions have reached new heights in recent months.

Senegalese footballer Idrissa Gana Gueye was chastised in France for skipping a Paris Saint-Germain match because of "personal issues," in which players donned rainbow jerseys to promote LGBT rights.

A mob hurled homophobic slurs at an American artist who was in Dakar for an international festival a few days later.