Indonesia introduced new rules in a law that could harm LGBT people, and a Poland town changed its anti-LGBT stance.

Indonesia Introduces Law That Threatens LGBT Community

The largest Muslim-majority nation in the world forbade cohabitation or even having sex before marriage.

According to The Asia News Network, the new rules have drawn criticism from civil society groups, who claim that they represent a significant democratic setback and pose a particular risk to LGBT people since they may be disproportionately affected by the so-called morality provisions.

Such unmarried couples, particularly in the LGBT community already under pressure from religious conservatives, will have to deal with the continual fear of being reported to the police when the law changes take effect in three years. Even though the new rule restricts who may report suspected offenses to a spouse, parent, or child, experts and rights organizations have cautioned against the possibility of abuse by people trying to sever relationships they don't like.





Poland Town Changes Anti-LGBT Stance

Photo via Pixabay.

According to reports, a Polish municipality is abandoning its declared anti-LGBT stance in favor of being non-discriminatory at the risk of losing financing.

Since 2019, a third of Poland has made statements of this nature, largely due to an increase in anti-LGBT sentiment from the dominant Law and Justice (PiS) party.

According to a statement from Poland and Pink News, the removal of the anti-LGBT statement was made out of concern that Świdnik may lose millions of euros in European financing.

According to reports, Świdnik already suffered a funding cut-off from the Norwegian government in 2021 due to the same issue.

PiS-linked council member Marcia Magier said the new declaration reflects both “values such as tolerance and respect for minority rights but also those related to family and parenthood.”