This week read about Hungary's prime minister holding a referendum on legislation that restricts school instruction on LGBT issues, and Ghana proposing a bill that could imprison LGBT people for up to 10 years.

Hungary Plans To Hold Referendum on LGBT Issues

According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's chief of staff, Hungary aims to hold a referendum on legislation that restricts school instruction about homosexuality and transgender issues later this year or early next year.

According to Reuters, the European Commission last week began legal action over the measures, which have been included in amendments to education and child protection laws. If successful, Brussels could hold up funding for Hungary while the restrictions are maintained.

When asked about the referendum, the EU Commission stated that it does not meddle with member states' policy-making techniques, albeit it did deem the Hungarian statute discriminatory.

The measures, which have sparked concern among LGBT people, prohibit the use of materials in schools that promote homosexuality and gender transformation, presumably to avoid child abuse.




Ghana Proposes Anti-Gay Bill


 The Parliament of Ghana. Photo via Facebook.

Draft anti-gay legislation submitted to Ghana's parliament could propose up to 10 years in prison for LGBT people, as well as groups and individuals who advocate for their rights, express sympathy, or offer social or medical support.

According to The Guardian, the draft legislation support for intersex persons would be criminalized, and the government might order intersex people to undergo "gender realignment" surgery.

Human rights campaigners are outraged and fearful after a leaked copy of the promotion of proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values law was extensively distributed online and confirmed as real by diplomats with access to the draft bill.

Since independence from colonial authority, the law would be the first major step toward criminalizing sexual minorities and their supporters.