This week read about homophobic leaders losing in an election in Uganda, and education officials pushing for more masculinity in young males in China.

Homophobic Leaders in Uganda Voted Out 

In Uganda, the former minister of Ethics and Integrity as well as the former mayor of Nsangi Town Council, each known for their homophobia, lost in the country’s Jan. 14 election, Erasing 76 Crimes reported.

Rev. Simon Lokodo, the former minister, has led campaigns against homosexuals for years, Erasing 76 Crimes reported. Lokodo pushed to reinstate Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill in 2019.

Hajji Abdul Kiyimba, the former mayor, has been charged for torturing and degrading LGBT youths, Erasing 76 Crimes reported. Kiyimba was the driving force behind a raid of a homeless shelter resulting in 23 arrests in March. 

The youths were imprisoned for 50 days without trial, Erasing 76 crimes reported. The director of public prosecutions later withdrew the charges and the youths were released.





Chinese Officials Push for Masculinity Among Male Youths


Photo via PxHere.

Chinese education officials are working to make young men in China more masculine, The South China Morning Post reported.

China’s Ministry of Education announced Jan. 28 it will require local governments and schools to add more gym teachers and enhance teaching to “cultivate masculinity,” the SCMP reported.

Gender and sexuality experts emphasize the damage the efforts could have on youths’ health and development, such as increased instances of domestic violence, the SCMP reported.

Top political adviser Si Zefu said women in Chinese families and female teachers spoil young men and are responsible for their “feminisation,” the SCMP reported.

Multiple comments on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, said the action is offensive and promotes the use of “female” and “feminine” as derogatory terms.