An LGBT group in Japan condemned a pamphlet for labeling homosexuality as a disorder, and Belgrade protesters marched against a gay Pride event.

LGBT Group Condemns Pamphlet Defining Homosexuality As A Disorder

A petition condemning a brochure that labels homosexuality as an "acquired psychiatric disease" was delivered to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party with roughly 51,500 signatures from a group of sexual minorities and their allies.

The leaflet was given out at a session of party MPs from a group with beliefs similar to those of Shinto Seiji Renmei held in a Tokyo hotel (the Shinto Association of Spiritual Leadership).

The leaflet included quotes from remarks delivered by academics at universities during study sessions arranged by the group, which was composed of thousands of people connected to Shinto shrines all around Japan.

“The statements [made in the pamphlet] are clearly discriminatory and outrageous,” said Soshi Matsuoka, 27, who heads Fair, an organization that provides support to sexual minorities, to The Asahi Shimbun.



Belgrade Protesters March Against Gay Pride Event


 Belgrade Pride 2021. Photo by Mickey Mystique, Wikimedia Commons.

Even though the government had announced it would cancel or postpone the Pride event, thousands of religious and right-wing opponents of the European gay Pride celebration Belgrade hosted a demonstration across the Serbian city.

The annual EuroPride march takes place in a different European city each year. But President Aleksandar Vučić said that event will be canceled or delayed, citing factors including threats from right-wing extremists.

The clergy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, some of whom believe the Pride event undermines traditional family values and should be prohibited, led the protest against the EuroPride event, which was staged during a parade to honor a holy feast.

One of the placards put up by demonstrators, some of whom were also carrying crosses, read, "Save our children and family," according to Reuters.

Others who participated in the march on Sunday yelled phrases in favor of nationalist or far-right agendas.