Activists are calling out Mexico's anti-LGBT soccer chant, and the Nigerian police are investigating a gay dating app scam.

Activist Group Calls Out Mexico’s Anti-LGBT Soccer Chant

A common fan chant that has long tarnished Mexico's top-flight soccer match must be eliminated by the nation's millions of soccer fans, activists stated according to Reuters.

Despite the fact that Mexico's top soccer organization has implemented a "zero tolerance" policy against the long-standing homophobic chant yelled by fans by prohibiting ticket sales and requiring teams to play in empty stadiums, including for a World Cup qualifying match earlier this year, many fans obstinately persist.

"As Mexicans, we've even been known to export this chant," said Andoni Bello, founder and head of national LGBT soccer selection known as Tri Gay, speaking to Reuters. He lamented that it is now heard at professional games in Brazil and the United States.

The exact cry calls for supporters to yell "puto," which, when translated literally, means "man prostitute," whenever a member of the other side attempts a goal kick.


Nigerian Police Investigate Gay Dating App Scam


 Photo via Adobe Stock.

Users of a gay dating app in Nigeria are being pushed by police to report any possible scams, but so yet, no amnesty from anti-gay legislation has been granted to the victims.

According to Pink News, six persons were detained in Nigeria for allegedly extorting cash from LGBT people they had met online. The identity of the app has not been made public since authorities are still looking into it.

When a victim claimed that someone had threatened to broadcast his naked images on social media unless he paid them off, authorities were informed.

In a sting operation, the blackmailers were located and taken into custody. They admitted to the sting, proving they had already victimized eight other people in the same way.

The group allegedly recruited victims with promises of dates before holding them captive until they were paid. Attackers threatened to assault victims until they divulged the PIN numbers for their bank accounts.

“Their bank account is then wiped out before they are let go,” police spokesperson Ramhan Nansel told Pink News.