This week read about Ghana asking for help in repealing an anti-LGBT bill, and Hungary restricting the sale of children's books that "promote homosexuality."

Ghana Asks For Global Help Over Anti-LGBT Bill

Ghanaian legislators are receiving outrage over a measure that seeks to make LGBT rights activism illegal in the country's parliament.

According to VOA, people who support and campaign for same-sex and homosexual rights might face a maximum 10-year jail sentence under the measure. Individuals or organizations would also be prohibited from providing social or medical assistance to LGBT individuals.

Police stormed Ghana's first LGBT community center in Accra in January. After being detained at a workshop for allegedly supporting LGBT rights, 21 homosexual rights activists are now on trial.

Alex Kofi Donkor, the executive director of LGBTQ+ Rights Ghana, condemned the bill as "backward" and called on the world community to push the government to repeal it.

The Ghanaian parliament's Constitutional and Legal Committee aims to engage the general public on proposed revisions in the coming weeks.



Hungary Restricts Sale Of LGBT Children’s Books


 Photo via PxHere.

Hungary ordered stores to sell children's books that promote homosexuality in "closed wrapping" on Friday, tightening restrictions that have landed Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in hot water with rights organizations and the EU.

According to Reuters, books that promote gender transition and feature "explicit" representations of sexuality were also included in the order. It instructed stores to sell them separately and prohibited their sale within 200 meters of a school or a church.

The order is the first in what is likely to be a succession of instructions outlining the consequences of legislation approved in June prohibiting the use of materials in schools that promote homosexuality and gender transition.

The new rule, according to Orbán's administration, is intended to safeguard children while leaving it up to parents to teach them about sexuality.