This week read about Germany's chancellor-elect, Olaf Scholz committing to LGBT rights changes, and Egypt banning the "Eternals" movie for having gay couples.

Germany Pledges LGBT Rights Reforms

Germany's chancellor-elect, Olaf Scholz of the center-left SDP, and his coalition partners revealed commitments for major LGBT rights changes.

According to Pink News, after months of discussions, the coalition of the SDP, Green Party, and Free Democrats, who won the federal election in September, unveiled their reform agenda on Nov. 24.

However, the three-party coalition has promised to implement a slew of measures to boost Germany's LGBT rights.

The alliance wants to reform the way trans people in Germany get legal recognition by allowing them to self-identify.

The existing system requires trans persons to go to court to have their legal gender changed, and it allows for a spousal veto. After that, the trans person must wait three years before applying again. Medical professionals must also assess them, and they must have lived as an openly trans person for at least three years.

The reform would allow trans persons in Germany to choose their own gender for the first time.

‘Eternals’ Banned in Egypt for Featuring Gay Couples


"Eternals." Credit: Marvel.

“Eternals,” Marvel's next blockbuster film, was reportedly banned in Egypt only hours before its opening for showing same-sex couples.

According to Egyptian Streets, IMAX Egypt said on Facebook that it will no longer be exhibiting “Eternals” despite having recently released a clip for its marketing tickets. GaLaxy Cinema in Mansoura said on Facebook that the film had been “banned” and that it would no longer be exhibiting it.

“Eternals” allusions have also been deleted from other Egyptian theatres.

Egypt's censorship body made a last-minute decision to prohibit the film's screening. The decision is claimed to be based on the film's representation of a homosexual superhero and sequences of same-sex romance, which “contradict the ideals” of Egyptian culture, according to sources speaking to Youm7. Authorities have not issued a public statement formally confirming the restriction.