This week read about Hong Kong's government backing the Gay Games 2022, which has sparked debate, and the United Kingdom calling Hungary's LGBT propaganda ban an "affront to human rights."

Gay Games to Boost Hong Kong’s Reputation

The Hong Kong government's backing for the Gay Games 2022 has sparked debate in recent days. Lawmakers are split on the internationally recognized event, which aims to promote equality for all, particularly LGBT individuals across the world.

According to South China Morning Post, after the recent instability in Hong Kong, the Gay Games provide an opportunity for the city to redeem itself. The event is expected to provide significant economic benefits, which may give much-needed respite to their damaged economy.

South China Morning Post reports that the 2018 Gay Games in Paris produced an economic effect of about €66 million (U.S. $80 million) and an extra €41 million in salary wages. The huge number of tourists and companies associated with the event is projected to bring in a similar amount of money.




UK Says Hungary’s LGBT Propaganda Ban is an Affront to Human Rights


Photo via Adobe.

As Hungary's "LGBT propaganda" ban comes under assault from all sides of the political spectrum, top British officials have blasted it as an "affront to human rights."

According to PinkNews, Hungary's governing Fidesz party MPs made last-minute modifications to an anti-pedophilia measure earlier this month, prohibiting any mention of LGBT individuals in schools or the media.

It passed with a 157-1 margin, sparking widespread demonstrations as rainbow flags flooded the streets of Budapest outside Hungary's parliament, the National Assembly.

“We are concerned by measures that discriminate against the LGBT+ community in the law passed by the Hungarian parliament last week,” said Wendy Morton, a Foreign Office minister in charge of European affairs, in a tweet, according to PinkNews.