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Australian football players might be allowed to wear rainbow armbands, and British police officers are accused of siding with anti-drag protesters.

Football Players May Be Allowed to Wear Rainbow Armbands

Players for Football Australia may be allowed to wear rainbow armbands at the Women’s World Cup.

James Johnson, the chief executive of Football Australia, told the Observer that there had been “meaningful dialogue” between the hosts and football’s governing body. Part of the discussions include a plan to allow players to wear armbands to represent certain issues.

“We’re in the middle of that process and we’re pretty confident and optimistic that we’ll end up in a good place: a place where players have the ability to express themselves in certain areas, which keeps the players happy, it keeps the host nation happy and also Fifa happy as well. So I do think there’ll be a resolution ahead of the Women’s World Cup.”

When asked directly if Johnson expects to see players wearing rainbow armbands at the tournament, he said he thinks there will be.





Police Accused of Siding with Anti-drag Protesters


Photo by fungaifot, Pixabay.

Police in London are being accused of “siding” with a right-wing group during a violent protest organized by Turning Point UK about a drag act’s performance at a south London pub.

Now, a formal complaint has been filed over the behavior of the Metropolitan Police Officers for their behavior. A councilor for Lewisham said police were slow to intervene during the protest.

“I observed a number of concerning things during the policing of the protest,” said the counselor who preferred to remain anonymous. “TPUK protesters were allowed to walk up to people outside the pub and film them. Later, several officers, including those from territorial support group [TSG] units, were seen pushing crowds back aggressively and we’ve had reports of serious injuries, including a cracked rib,” they said.

According to the Observer, Damien Egan, the mayor of Lewisham, has also raised concerns over their policing tactics.