This week read about Europe Music Awards fighting against Hungary's anti-LGBT laws, and the Delhi High Court to hear pleas regarding same-sex marriage.

Europe Music Awards Combats Hungary’s Anti-LGBT Laws

The MTV Europe Music Awards will be hosted in Hungary on Nov. 14, reiterating and justifying the choice despite the country's recent ratification of anti-LGBT laws.

“The ceremony is an opportunity to make a stand for gay and trans civil rights worldwide in the central European nation that has moved to curtail them,” said Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of MTV Entertainment Group Worldwide, according to ABC News.

McCarthy also stated that no government censorship will be tolerated during the telecast.

MTV's Generation Change Award, which will be granted in cooperation with the activist organization All Out to boost its international efforts for equality, will be presented during the Europe Music Awards.

“Instead, we should move forward, using the show as an opportunity to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community in Hungary and around the world as we continue to fight for equality for all,” said McCarthy.

Delhi HC To Hear Pleas For Same-Sex Marriage


 The Delhi High Court. Credit: Government of India.

Separate petitions, including those filed by two same-sex couples, have been scheduled for final hearing before the Delhi High Court, which seeks a ruling that same-sex weddings are recognized under the special, Hindu, and international marriage laws.

The parties were given time to file comments and rejoinders in the issue by a bench of Chief Justice Dhirubhai Naranbhai Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh.

According to The Wire, Joydeep Sengupta, an OCI, and Russell Blaine Stephens, a U.S. citizen, are the petitioners, as is Mario Dpenha, an Indian citizen and LGBT rights professor and activist completing a Ph.D. at Rutgers University in the United States.

The case for these petitions has been set for a final hearing taking place on Nov. 30.