This week read about a panel discussion covering LGBT issues in Namibia, and TikTok censoring LGBT terms in Germany.

LGBT Issues In Namibia Are Still Divisive

At a panel discussion, Charles Moore, the British high commissioner to Namibia, said LGBT issues are "deeply emotive, and often divisive, across the world.”

The Diversity Alliance of Namibia hosted the panel discussion titled "Changing Hearts" in Windhoek.

When it comes to LGBT issues, Moore believes that strong religious, cultural, and communal convictions must be considered.

According to The Namibian, Moore stated that the United Kingdom and many other countries feel that basic equality for all human beings is worth fighting for, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

According to Moore, Namibia has an exceptional constitution that should be the envy of many African and international governments.

“It's fine to not like, even to find it distasteful, if that's what you have been brought up to believe. But it's not fine to discriminate against those who do have a different sexual orientation or those who are disabled, just like it's wrong to discriminate against people of different tribal backgrounds, nationalities or color,” Moore said.

TikTok Shadowbans LGBT Terms in Germany


 Photo via Pixabay.

The popular social media app, TikTok, has been using a problematic word-filtering technique in Germany.

According to DW, the popular Chinese-owned social network has been censoring messages that contain German-language terminology pertaining to Nazis, LGBT culture, and tennis player Peng Shuai.

Words like "porn" and "sex" were censored, ostensibly to keep kids safe. However, words such as "gay," "queer," "LGBTQ" and "homosexual" were also blocked.

Users were able to submit the problematic terms, but they were hidden from others in a method known as shadowbanning.

Previous investigations have revealed that TikTok has banned phrases that are considered subversive or contentious in China, notably anything relating to Xinjiang province's ongoing human rights violations.


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