Colombians hosted a kiss-a-thon to support an LGBT couple who was accosted for kissing in public, and an LGBT man was stabbed by an intruder in Ghana.

Colombians Hold Kiss-a-Thon to Support LGBT Couple Who Was Accosted

On Sunday, hundreds of people gathered in a park in Colombia to support a homosexual couple who had been attacked after sharing a public kiss.

In a park in Bogota, same-sex couples organized a kiss-a-thon when they were accosted by a group of ladies, one of whom was carrying a broomstick. 

In 2016, Colombia legalized same-sex unions, although homophobic assaults are still frequent.

The demonstration was organized online after a video of two young homosexual men being ejected from a park by incensed neighbors on Friday went viral.

The pair can be heard being yelled at by ladies in the video as they inform them that "in our neighborhood we don't allow sex in the park, especially not in front of children."

People gathered at the park in the capital's Engativá neighborhood holding posters that said, "Kisses are signals of affection, not a crime."

Couples kissed and rejoiced while raising rainbow flags.

LGBT Man Stabbed By Intruder In Ghana


 SFGN file photo.

In Cape Coast, Ghana, a stranger who attempted to coerce a gay guy into having sex stabbed him.

The victim heard someone attempting to force open his bedroom door while he was staying in a friend's rental home who was out of town.

He was sitting on a chair in the bedroom after looking outside but discovering no one there and trying to get back to sleep.

“While sitting quietly, I saw someone jump from the ceiling into the corridor,” he told Pink News. “It was a man with a small torch light and a pair of scissors. Then I quickly went outside and asked him: ‘What do you want here?'”

The man replied: “I am coming to do gay.”

The victim refused to engage in sexual activity with the male, and the two grappled until they were away from the home. The victim screamed "thief" in a frantic attempt to get the attention of bystanders.

As two people approached them, the perpetrator ran away.