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Chinese students are fighting back after being penalized for handing out rainbow flags on campus, and Caroline Cayeux is facing backlash after making anti-LGBT remarks in France.

Chinese Students Fight Penalty After Giving Out Rainbow Flags

Despite the possibility of being dismissed, two female students at China's esteemed Tsinghua University, who were punished for passing out rainbow flags on campus, are requesting to have the sanction reversed.

The Tsinghua student affairs office sent warning letters to Christine Huang on Friday and to a different student, who wished to remain anonymous, on Sunday for distributing unauthorized promotional material on campus.

In mid-May, they allegedly planted 10 rainbow flags behind the cash register of a campus store. They were subsequently located using the campus security cameras, and administrators at the institution were instructed to speak with them.

"We will seek appeals. Why are they banning the rainbow? The disciplinary procedure and rationale — none of that is right," said Huang to the South China Morning Post.



French Minister’s Remarks About LGBT Community Spark Anger


 Photo by Nanard, Wikimedia Commons.

In the latest blow to President Emmanuel Macron's authority, pressure is rising on a French government official to resign after remarks stigmatizing homosexuality and LGBT people.

Many individuals, including her colleagues, were offended and incensed by Caroline Cayeux's comments, which also sparked a wider debate about the continued use of discriminatory attitudes by those in positions of authority.

In a letter published in the daily Journal du dimanche, more than 100 eminent people questioned why she was still in power. Members of the French parliament, senior government officials, an Olympic medalist, physicians, artists, a former prime minister, a former top Macron adviser, and others from Macron's centrist political group were among the signatories.

According to ABC News, Cayeux was questioned about her opposition to the 2013 French law that legalized homosexual marriage and adoption, as well as remarks she made at the time that it was "against nature." She said that she was being falsely accused of bias.