This week read about Canada passing a bill to ban conversion therapy, and an activist dressed as a bearded Virgin Mary appearing on an LGBT magazine in Berlin.

Canada On Track To Ban Conversion Therapy

In a rare show of unanimity in Canada's parliament, legislators passed a motion outlawing the discredited practice of "conversion therapy."

The opposition Conservatives unexpected proposal to fast-track the legislation drew plaudits in the House of Commons on Wednesday. A handful of Liberal cabinet ministers hugged their Conservative colleagues after the vote.

“I dream of the day when LGBTQ2 issues are no longer political footballs. And we are one day closer to that future,” said Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault, who is gay, according to The Guardian.

The vote moves Canada closer to joining a tiny group of countries that have explicitly banned the practice, including Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, and Malta. A recent measure in the United Kingdom advocated limiting, but not outright prohibited, the practice.




Bearded Mary Appears On Queer Magazine


Riccardo Simonetti. Credit: Siegessäule.

For a same-sex version of the Holy Family draped in the colors of the transgender flag, the European Union's LGBTQ+ goodwill ambassador dressed as a bearded Virgin Mary.

According to Fox News, Riccardo Simonetti, a German native, wore a white robe, a blue-head veil, and held a baby doll portraying Jesus on the cover of Siegessäule Magazine, an LGBT community magazine published in Berlin.

The activist shared the photographs on Instagram. "Why not think the Virgin Mary had a beard if we overlook the fact that Jesus wasn't white?" he wrote.

"I would like to encourage you to get tested, know your status and fight the stigma that HIV-positive people still have to deal with," Simonetti wrote.