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FIFA opens an investigation after fans in Mexico shout anti-gay chants during a sports game, and a shelter in Nigeria offers respite to LGBT people.

FIFA Opens Investigation of Anti-LGBT Chants from Mexico Fans

FIFA launched a second inquiry into possible anti-gay chants made by Mexico fans after their 2-1 victory over Saudi Arabia in the group stage finale.

The development comes after a similar FIFA action was taken against the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) earlier in the competition. After El Tri's opening match of the group stage ended in a 0-0 tie with Poland, FIFA made the announcement that they had opened an inquiry into the chanting of Mexico's fans.

According to ESPN, FIFA did not provide a timeline for handling the cases against Mexico, and they have not yet declared the outcome of the initial probe.

Due to the reoccurring anti-LGBT goalkeeper chant that has been heard during El Tri games, the FMF has already been sanctioned by FIFA. A three-step process put in place to stop the insulting cries has occasionally caused the chanting to stop.



Lagos Shelter Offers Respite To LGBT Community In Nigeria


 Photo via Adobe Stock.

Muna and Mary believed they were beginning a fresh life when they moved in together in the Anambra state of Nigeria. But after receiving a torrent of slurs from neighbors and rape threats, that fantasy swiftly turned into a nightmare for the trans guy and his partner.

They could do nothing except run.

"It destroyed me, damaged my brain. We didn't even know where to go. I became suicidal,” said Muna, 26, to Barrons.

The couple now resides in a house that is typical of the others in their gated community in a working-class neighborhood of Lagos.

One of the few LGBT shelters in the financial hub of Nigeria, it provides free housing for up to six months for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender men and women.

The refuge provides much-needed relief for the already marginalized LGBT population in Africa's most populous nation, which is struggling with economic problems, rising inflation, and a weak naira currency.