This week read about Ekta Kapoor defending herself against critics for writing same-sex love stories, and teachers in Ireland being scared of losing their jobs if they come out.

Indian Director Challenges Critics Questioning Same-Sex Love Stories

Ekta Kapoor, a producer and director, took to Twitter to defend her right to explore LGBT storylines.

According to Gay Times, Kapoor reflected on the positive reception they have received online and in the press. Her most recent project follows the life of a woman who is trying to discover her true identity.

“This is for everyone who has been asking me why we are releasing two same-gender love stories in a span of two months. To them, I would like to say that we do millions of opposite-sex love stories & no one asks that,” Kapoor tweeted.

Kapoor has pushed for greater acceptance and tolerance in her six-part post.

“Staying closeted could be claustrophobic, in a world where accepting one’s sexuality and gender choice is a constant struggle, let’s normalize these love stories one step at a time,” Kapoor said, according to Gay Times.


Teachers Afraid Of Losing Jobs If They Admit To Being LGBT


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Out of the 4,000 primary teachers across Ireland, many of them are afraid to come out about their sexual identity or gender orientation in the case it will affect their chances of getting a job or promotion.

Despite legislation making it illegal for religious-run schools to discriminate against LGBT teachers, it continues to happen.

According to The Independent, Joe McKeown, the incoming president of the Irish National Teachers' Organisation (INTO), told the union's annual conference that much has been accomplished in recent years in terms of protecting job rights for teachers, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, in both the north and south.

McKeown stated that patron bodies and boards of management would show their inclusiveness by displaying a notice in the staffroom, making LGBT books accessible, and delivering instruction on homophobic and transphobic bullying, among other things.